C19 – Return to Tennis

In correlation with guidelines issued by Tennis Ireland, we wish to alert you to the following specifically for Ballinlough Tennis Club:


Members are asked to stay at home if they:
Have been in contact with someone with Covid-19 in the last 14 days.
Feel ill themselves
Have been out of the country in the last 14 days
Are in a period of self-isolation and/or cocooning under the current Health Policy Rules
Live outside a 5km radius of the club
Singles play only. Doubles may be played if each pairing are from the same household.
Court Bookings HAVE to be made (no walk-up playing) and EVERY MEMBER PLAYING MUST BE RECORDED. This is very important for contact tracing, if necessary, and will be monitored.
The Club will open from 8am to 9pm. Court booking times have been altered to allow adequate time for changeover without any contact between games while still allowing 1 hour for a game. Please familiarize yourselves with the new court times. Please leave at the end of your HOUR and do not linger on club grounds.
Each member will be able to book 4 different hours during a week. Juniors can book any day up until 6pm.
When arriving, please do not enter club grounds more than 5 minutes before you are due to play and do not go on court until the previous players have vacated.
Please observe the 2 metre distancing guidelines.
All group activities will be postponed until further notice.
The Clubhouse, including toilet facilities, will be closed for the near future. A first aid box will be located near the defibrillator if needed.
Hand sanitizers will be located near all access areas, please use them when entering/exiting the courts and club grounds. We encourage you to have personal hand sanitizers in your tennis bag.
Gates will be tied open to reduce the amount of surface contact for members. All bins, shoe brushes and seating has been removed to prevent areas of contact. Please bring any rubbish you have home with you.


No guests allowed at this time.
Wait until the court has been vacated before going on to it.
Junior members (under 18) must be accompanied by 1 adult ONLY
Change ends at opposite sides of the net, and ideally only at the end of a set.
No contact with other players, e.g. handshakes, high fives etc.
No sharing of water bottles, towels, rackets etc.

Each player should have their own set of balls, clearly marked and use these when they are serving. Opposition should use their racket/foot to pick up balls and return them to their opponent. Avoid using your hands to pick up the balls.
If a ball from another court comes across, send it back by kicking it or with your racket.

Do not touch your face after touching a tennis ball, racket, net etc.
Here’s a helpful link to ‘how to pick up balls during the covid-19 pandemic’. Video courtesy of Casey Tennis. https://www.facebook.com/paulcaseytennis/videos/1155914334755223/


Please leave grounds promptly and do not linger for any reason.
Spray all tennis balls/equipment with disinfectant spray.
Be aware of what surfaces are touched.
Please be extra aware that all hand sanitizers are EXTREMELY FLAMMABLE.

If you need any further clarifications or have helpful suggestions please email ballinlough.tennis@gmail.com.

We hope that all goes well, and further restrictions will be lifted in due course so that we may return to a more ‘normal’ tennis capacity. Please stay vigilant and safe and most of all, enjoy your games!

Covid-19 Committee
Ballinlough Tennis Club