Request Membership Information

With the huge increase in interest in tennis in recent years our courts are at maximum capacity and unfortunately we have only been able to accept a small number of new members each year in the last few years

Please note this is NOT a membership application but a form to allow us to log your request properly and add you to our waiting list.

Our rules requires that each applicant submits two references from WITHIN the club. Please add these to the form below

We will reach out to you if the status of the membership change.  We review it regularly at our committee meetings.

Our membership for 2021/2022 opens for existing members for renewal in May and this will influence any decision on us opening for new membership applications for this year.



Frequently Asked Questions

We only offer yearly membership and do not have a casual membership option at this time.  Membership runs from April to April.

No we only offer yearly membership.

We review membership numbers and our waiting list (if open) at our committee meetings to determine if we can free up spaces in the club.