Ursuline Tennis Court Usage

We are delighted to be able to make use of the new courts in the Ursuline convent school in Blackrock. Below are some tips and answers to questions you may have with respect to usage.  With the introduction of this we hope that club members will have less difficulty in getting a court to play during the traditional busy winter evenings at a time of their choice.

Courts - Booking

We have the use of the three courts there and these can be booked on the usual court booking app

Courts - Lighting

Lights will be on during usage on all courts. We would ask that you pay for the lights using the lighting app as there is no method for tokens in Ursilines.  For the first two weeks of the service lights will be free.


Parking is available at the front of the school.  We would ask that you be respectful of other school users the neighbouring apartments when entering and leaving and of course leave the courts in the way that you find them.  If you notice any issues with them please let a member of the committee know